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Bentonite Clay & Peppermint


Natural Soap



Handcrafted natural soap made with extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, activated charcoal, bentonite clay and peppermint essential oil.

It is made with the traditional cold process method so as to retain all its natural ingredients.

A small piece of info

It is a 100% natural soap that requires 4 weeks of cure before its use. It offers lathering and total hydration, plus its antibacterial properties.

Our beard soap bar is a must at grooming process:
it gets rid of dirt, and leaves your beard clean, nourished, and moisturized as you have never felt it before.

Regular Use

You can use it for washing your beard, shaving in the traditional way or shower with it!

Suitable for:  all skin and beard types

Size: 100g

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